...continued from part one

Despite the inevitability of a nameless end, I am not eager to bring ruin upon the fortress, even in these dark, lonely times. The dwarves of the Momentous Dye have dug deep into both of the adamantine pillars available to them, past the magma sea and into the mysterious semi-molten rock that forms the border between this world and the next. I cannot say what distance remains between the mined levels and ultimate doom - I decide to consider other options.

There is, of course, the other known pillar of adamantine - it doesn't go too far beneath the magma sea, but its access tunnel leads directly to abandoned, undead-infested tunnels.

I decide to entertain a rare hope - that there is something on this map that the dwarves have not yet discovered. Another vein of adamantine may lie somewhere amidst the chthonian fire. I order a long, circuitous tunnel to be carved through the rock just above the magma sea - an exploratory passage, with descending stairways at intervals.

It will take some time for the miners to complete the ultimate survey of the magma sea - in the meantime, to avoid constant job cancellation announcements as a result of a lack of adamantine, I forbid the stone and anvils used to construct the two forges of Roomcarnage.

I decide to place a door at the end of the first segment of tunnel in the new design. This way, if something unsavory happens to climb out of the magma sea and into the exploratory passage, I can easily seal off the entire area. Building destroyers are not capable of damaging artifact doors, and I have three of these - the Mute Coil, and adamantine door; Sneakslayers, a dog bone door; and Shrivelromance, a cat bone door. Of the three, I have the least attachement to Sneakslayers, so I decide to have it be the gateway to these late depths.

As the miners work, a disturbing announcement suddenly appears.

A corpse has arisen in the fortress without my knowledge, and is engaged in combat with the militia commander!

Commander Adil Claspedpalace - legendary axedwarf, clad in no fewer than ten artifacts - is fighting a corpse in the statuary hall, a horror amidst horrors.

I unpause, and something odd occurs - the militia commander suddenly becomes a civilian and flees! Another dwarf, an axe lord, happens to step through the door just as Adil Claspedpalace runs past, and engages the corpse.

The axe lord manages a few good blows, but all it takes is one encounter with the undead to ruin one's mood.

Rather than take any further chances, I have one of the active squads - the Silvery Soldiers - attack the corpse. I unpause, and a moment later the corpse is dead.

What a relief! I order the corpse to be dumped, and it is done so without a fuss. For several minutes, I search the area, trying to decipher who Goden Kûbukedtûl was, or how they died. I must confess that at this point in the story, I am allowing the fortress to run idle for hours at a time, checking in once in a while to resume after autosaves and make sure food and drink stockpiles are sufficient. This is one mystery that must be chalked up to player negligence.

With nothing else to do, I simply sit back and watch as the miners carve the exploratory passage tile by tile.

Eventually, they reach the stairwells. They dig downward - and wisely stop just short of breaching the magma sea.

I decide to wait until the entire passage is excavated before completing the lowest length of each stairwell, revealing undiscovered portions of the magma sea.

While the exploratory passage does indeed reveal vast tracts of the molten core, there are still deep reservoirs of magma that remain hidden to me. I cross my fingers that untapped adamantine might yet be found, and order another set of passages to be carved out.

Even in these dark times, the dwarves of the Momentous Dye manage to flourish beneath the Ice of Ghosts.

Suddenly, good news!

In spite of both rounds of exploratory mining, this new vein of adamantine is still hidden to me - the dwarves only managed to reveal its uppermost portions. I order one last passage to be dug...

...and finally, the adamantine pillar is revealed in its full glory.

I order a tunnel to be carved to the new vein at once - importantly, I connect this tunnel from the already existing adamantine access tunnels, rather than the exploratory passage that has been more recently excavated.

However, once digging starts, I quickly realize that a large portion of this tunnel would lie just above the magma sea. Rather than endure dozens of digging cancellations, or bother with changing the .init files, I just alter the designation so that it does not pass through warm stone.

Another damned soul is taken by an unfulfillable mood. Rock, metal bars, logs, tanned hides, bones, rough gems... stone, metal, wood, and leather are all accounted for. Bones, however, are not.

Just as before, I order nearby facilities to be removed, and a curtain wall to be constructed.

It means the safety of the fortress, of course, but now I have two fewer craftsdwarf's workshops than before.

I decide to substantially expand the adamantine refinery area, as I have done in the past.

The tunnel to the adamantine vein has been carved out as ordered, but the ore still has not been reached - it lies somewhere deeper in the rock. I order a few more passageways to be carved out - if the vein is not on this level, it must be somewhere below.

The curtain wall is completed, and the moody planter is forever isolated from the rest of the fortress. Meanwhile, the expansion of the adamantine extraction facility continues, the miners apparently unconcerned with muffled screaming emanating from within the newly constructed walls.

As life continues within Roomcarnage, unlife continues without. I expect no change to occur regarding the surface conditions - any hope of contacting the mountainhome has been lost, forever. I continue to ignore surface events, focusing entirely on happenings beneath the glacier - all further surface arrivals shall be disregarded and not included in this story, unless there is something unusual to report.

The expansion of the metal stockpile, which has long served as the adamantine refinery, is complete. I erase the previous stockpile, and replace it with a new one that covers all of the newly exposed floor space, and which only allows for adamantine ore. I leave an area a the north of the room open.

In the remaining area at the north of the room, I designate the actual metal stockpile, to be used for metal bars as opposed to raw ore.

The miners finally get to work.

As soon as digging begins, the miners truly strike adamantine! I cancel the other designations and begin carving out the mythical ore.

As the miners work through the metal, I designate newly revealed tiles to be carved out. But one level will not fulfill all of the fortress' material needs. Many levels of the vein must be carved out, obviously at great risk. But what else are the dwarves to do, in their current predicament?

From the uppermost layer of the adamantine vein, I order a stairwell to be carved five urists downward.

I hold my breath as the stairwell is excavated - an breath a sigh of relief as nothing occurs.

With the stairwell dug out, five full levels of adamantine can be gathered at once. I diligently follow the miner's activity and designate newly uncovered ore to be carved away as it comes to view.

An unsettling announcement arrives.

Sodel the stonecrafter has been assaulted by Litast the ghostly planter - at first, this seems like a normal ghost attack. Sodel's blood has spattered around the area, which is not unusual - violent ghosts have a tendency to tear entire limbs off of their victims.

My heart sinks as I check Sodel's profile - the revenant has not removed some mere limb, but has torn out the dwarf's throat.

There is not much that can be done now, except to carve a memorial for the violent ghost.

Sodel dies moments later. It is an unhappy moment, of course - returning ghosts are usually nonviolent. However, since I have not to immediately memorialize every dwarf that dies, deaths like these are inevitable.

I order the corpse to be dumped, as usual.

At about the same time, Mosus Minedauthor goes insane, babbling around the enclosed craftsdwarf's workshop.

There's nothing that can be done about Mosus - however, something can certainly be done about the aesthetics here. I order the unsightly raw cave wall forming the south side of Mosus' prison to be smoothed, matching the constructed walls to the north.

More unhappy notifications - although these are unexpected. Just a week ago, Sodel's corpse was ordered to be dumped, but it seems that the body has reanimated before it could be disposed of.

I check the combat reports, expecting gut-wrenching horror - but it seems as though the living military dwarves handled the situation well.

Which makes sense, considering that the reanimation occured within the dining hall - otherwise known as the military training hall. I order Sodel's remains to be dumped, once again.

Time passes, and soon the refinery is full of raw adamantine. Praise the miners! What could go wrong now?

As if on cue, a new foe emerges from the nighted depths. In fact, Inira Diamondjade the Torrid Silver of Glows arrived years ago - the first and only dragon in a half a century to lay siege to Roomcarnage. The beast soon became tainted by the foul fog, and not long after disappeared into the roiling caldera of the Oily Furnace itself. In the intervening years, I caught only glimpses of the beast as it roamed the hellish depths of the magma sea - until now. I notice the dragon foul fog zombie lurking in the hallway just beyond the dog bone door, Sneakslayers.

Inira is possibly the most terrifying creature that the dwarves of the Momentous Dye have yet faced.

And yet, the dog bone door Sneakslayers will hold true. Artifact doors cannot be destroyed, even by megabeasts.

I'm not sure if the door needs to be locked if Inira Diamondjade is to be kept out, but I decide not to take my chances. I simply thank Armok that I caught the intrusion before reached any further, and seal the passage forever.

The foul fog zombie stands motionless outside the artifact door, regarding the dog bone portal with unholy intelligence. Inira may be waiting out here forever, another forgotten nightmare that will persist long after the last dwarf has perished.

And when will that be? I cannot say - it may be years off, it may be decades. I have resolved to play out the saga of Roomcarnage to its cold, bitter, lonely end, wherever and whenever that may be.

Time passes, and another dwarf is taken by an unfulfillable mood.

To wall off the dangerous child, five of the surrounding workshops will need to be torn down. I opt to use this opportunity to expand the chamber, so that the critical bottleneck of adamantine extranction does not grow even more narrow.

The new year arrives, and three of the fortress' kittens grow to become adult cats.

Is it possible that these adult cats may have enough bone within them to satisfy moods? There is only one way to tell.

As the miners and butchers get to work, another violent ghost appears in the fortress.

The ghost, Lorbam Agelabor, has attacked Edëm Herobell, tearing the planter's right arm clean off. Even so, he seems to be in moderately good spirits, in spite of things. I am grateful that it was an arm this time, and not a leg that was torn off.

I order the arm to be dumped as normal, and engrave a slab for Lorbam. Soon, the ghost has been put to rest, and Edëm returns to work.

The stray cat is butchered...

...and I examine the workshop to see if any bone has been left. Alas, no - even as young adults, these cats are too small for their bones to be used for anything at all. They don't even leave raw skins - just a skull.

Alas, I have taken too much time - Kûbuk is stricken by melancholy and leaves the workshop.

Not long afterwards, in the late winter of 1252, Kûbuk dies of thirst.

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