...continued from part two


Datan makes no demands for bone - the forges will remain intact. What a relief!

Later that month, I notice that there has been a change in leadership.

The new mayor is Mosus Takepalace, mother of twelve and a mighty warrior indeed.

I assign the traditional mayoral suite to Mosus and her husband Nomal - never mind the fact that the suite is infested by foul fog zombies and has been sealed away for a few years.

Soon, Datan completes her artifact - a menacing adamantine spike!

The Night of Basements seems dangerous indeed - already I have many ideas on how to put it to use.

Of greater value, however, is the sudden increase in skill afforded to Datan Copperropes - now a legendary weaponsmith.

To celebrate, I place a work order for ten adamantine shortswords.

I also place an order for sixty adamantine breastplates. There may come a time when direct military action is necessary, and I want to make sure the warriors of Roomcarnage are well-equipped. This has not changed.

The cage traps are all loaded - I designate the downward stairways.

At the same time, I order two doors to be placed in the hallway leading to the cage traps. The nearer door is a simple obsidian construction - for the far door, I choose Shrivelromance, the cat bone door.

I unpause, and very little time passes at all before a disturbing announcement appears.

Already an intruder has found its way into the fortress - Bitrak Cobramurdered, a huge fire-breathing hadrosaur. The beast has already set fire to Imush Tellcrafts, who still holds the cat bone door in her grasp.

There's not much to be done for poor Imush. I lock the door that thankfully had already been built, then order a wall to be built right in front of it, sealing off the hallway. I also order another wall to be built sealing off the entire stockpile, just in case Bitrak breaks through the door. As a last precaution, I order the Worthy Seals to be stationed in the stockpile, to face the beast and hopefully hold it off or slay it if necessary.

I unpause and watch the hallway, hoping that it focuses its attention on Imush Tellcrafts.

Despite being on fire, Imush manages to block all of the hadrosaurid's attacks, even sneaking in a jab of her own.

Nothing can stand for long against fire, however. Soon, all that is left of Imush Tellcrafts is a burning corpse, and even that will disappear into ash very quickly.

I watch, waiting for any activity...

...but Bitrak Cobramurdered hangs back, seemingly content with slaying a single dwarf.

Suddenly, Bitrak rushes forward, rounding the corner - and then stops, in plain view of the obsidian door.

I watch tensely, dreading the worst - but the wall is completed in time, and the tunnel is sealed. The crisis has been averted - although the cage traps are a failure. Perhaps in time, if any wild creatures are caught in the traps, I can cleverly secure the chamber and claim them, but for now they are lost.

I cancel the back-up wall and dismiss the Worthy Seals. Thob Helmedbands breathes a sigh of relief.

As the dwarves work and train, I notice that the new mayor is unhappy. I'm not surprised - she is apparently being haunted by a moaning spirit named Obok Wheelssoaked.

Ghostly Obok was the mayor's fourth eldest daughter in life - so it is only natural that the mayor is distressed by the haunting.

Fortunately for the mayor, Obok's name appears on the engraving list at the craftsdwarf's workshop. I order a slab to be engraved, and soon it is placed and Obok's spirit is laid to rest.

I check in on the gem cutting effort - the stone stockpile is empty. I alter its contents to include only obsidian stones, and set up a repeating job to cut obsidian gems.

The manager, Tun Noselance, is now an expert gem cutter - excellent progress.

As before, I order a large area to be hewn, so that there is a large amount of raw stone available nearby. I understand this seems strange - but really the only point of doing this is so that there is a highly-skilled gem cutter in the fortress. Granted, that's not a very useful skill to have in a fortress like this one... but eh. I'm committed, at this point.

Fortune smiles down on Roomcarnage, and once again a moody dwarf does not demand bone.

The resulting garment - an adamantine right mitten named Joinpine the Ape of Toning - is of dubious use. At least it's not a scepter or something like that, though.

Job cancellations arrive due to lack of adamantine wafers.

Before running out of adamantine, the armorers were able to make twenty-four breastplates of varying quality, although most are exceptional.

The militia has already claimed the new armor - commander Adil already wears one of the three masterwork adamantine breastplates.

There are still thirty-six jobs left in the work orders - I could cancel them.

Instead, I merely forbid the forges to be used, thus saving me the annoyance of constant job cancellations. I have every intention to mine out the wildly extravagant amount of adamantine necessary to forge the remaining breastplates.

As the year draws to a close, a poltergeist arises in the fortress, and topples a statue.

Fortunately this ghost also appears on the list. I anxiously await the day when a murderous or violent ghost rises from the dead, who cannot be memorialized. It is, I suppose, a matter of time.

The year turns, and the fortress loses a spearmaster.

I find Urist's corpse in the dining hall, beneath a pile of mostly copper armor. I order the corpse to be dumped as a matter of course.

I examine the deceased's relationships - she was the mother of thirteen children, the youngest being little Thob Helmedbands.

Such is life, in Roomcarnage. As the year grinds forward, I reflect on the status of various projects in the fortress. The cage traps in the cavern have been abandoned, at least for the time being. All the available adamantine has been extracted and forged into useful equipment. The demonslaying trap is complete. Every season brings new risks to moody and sensitive dwarves throughout the fortress.

It's time to begin digging, again. Of the two veins to the west, one has been much deeper than the other - so the choice seems logical enough.

I order a downward stairwell to be carved at the bottom of the shallower adamantine spire.

Zon Nuttour answers the call.

As always, I keep a close eye on the miner's progress, designating one tile at a time until I am confidant that there will not be a breach.

This time, I decide to wait to mine into the next layer until more of the adamantine has been claimed. No more suicidal delving - the dwarves are going to be more cautious, this time around.

As the haulers bring up the raw adamantine, another dwarf is taken by a mood, and claims a magma forge. The planter does not demand bone, and yet refuses to begin construction - I quickly realize that they are lacking adamantine wafers.

It will take time to extract the adamantine strands and smelt them into wafers - I can only hope that the dwarves complete the task before Mistêm goes insane.

In the dining hall, Thob Helmedbands throws a tantrum. Being enlisted in the military and thrown into a rigid training schedule would be bad enough without having to witness the death of his mother. It could be worse, Thob. It could be a lot worse.

Once the first strands have been extracted, I set up a smelting job to create wafers.

A furnace operator rushes to complete the job...

...just in time! Now we just have to wait to see how amazing of a weapon Mistêm creates...


Pretty underwhelming, honestly - Leaguescale the adamantine crossbow is useless in melee, since it would function just like a hammer. I don't have any marksdwarves in the fortress - there have been none for decades. Hmm.

I'll figure out what to do with Leaguescale later - for now, it's time to continue digging. I order another downward stair to be carved.

Vutok Grottopainted bravely answers the call.

Vutok carves downward, strike upon strike echoing in the deep - until the rhythmic sound of the lone miner is joined by others.