about the story

Roomcarnage is a v0.34.11 dwarf fortress presented in the style of a serial Let's Play. Each chapter of the story consists of an album of images with captions, including a large number of .gifs, with which I have attempted to capture the dynamic nature of the game. I present it here in its entirety (so far).

This fortress persists in a version of DF that ceased to be current just months after I began chronicling it. The ceaseless misery of the dwarves of the Momentous Dye would be somewhat lessened, if only they could explore beyond their borders, or establish a tavern, or a library - all features that have been added to the game over the intervening years. Perhaps I, too, would have long ago found a suitable end for this tale, if only I could retire the fortress into the background thrum of an active world.

But as those familiar with the story know, Roomcarnage's world is dead. The save file is cold. Still, the fortress endures. There can be no retirement, not for the dwarves, and not for me, until the bitter crumbling end.